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"Boys can't be princesses!" The impetus for The Pineapple Project came out of this moment during play between Mal and Mal's niece. As a nonbinary person and theater artist, Mal knew that this moment could not go by without recognizing how early in a child’s development, ideas and influences can form around gender. And with years of experience working with LGBTQ youth who struggle with their gender, Mal, Becca, and Renee, felt it was time to create a theater piece that could help broaden the conversation as well as advocate for and validate each child's individual freedom to be who they are. 

Where it began:

The Pineapple Project has had two workshop productions in Boston in the winter of 2014 and summer of 2015. Each workshop was performed with audiences comprised of kids and their caregivers, as well as community members, and educators.


Where we're headed:


We are currently taking the show on the road and bringing it to schools, libraries, conferences, and events throughout Greater Boston and New England.


Our wish is to collaborate with caregivers and educators, tailoring programming that will complement the 30 minute performance, allowing kids the opportunity to explore the themes of the show, either with a post show conversation, an art project, or an activity, or any combination of these.


Booking and Fees: 


We offer a sliding scale in order to accomodate a range of budgets. CONTACT US for more information. 

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